Saturday, October 6, 2007

Another Successful Event in October

Announcing the next Success with the Opposite Sex (TM) Meetup Group!

What: Designing an Owner's Manual for Success
When: Friday, November 2, 8:00 PM

Discounted '07 Event fee : USD $10.00 per person (for new and returning members)

IN OCTOBER: The theme was Romantic Love. We inquired into the cliché and stereotypical ways we think of and relate to ROMANCE or ROMANTIC LOVE. Many of us were cynical and resigned. Then I shared a video by an anthropologist on the latest research on love as a biological drive with three aspects (lust - love - attachment). Then I introduced a historical interpretation of love: "the artistic expression of one's innermost desires" whether romantic or not. We shared and broke bread over our innermost desires with at least three people of the opposite sex and it was delicious, intimate and engaging!

Here are the October survey responses to "WHY WOULD YOU RECOMMEND THIS EVENT?":

  • "It is helpful to talk to men in a safe place without any agenda." - Single female 30-39
  • "It was a positive environment." - Single male 40 and up
  • "The open, honest sharing between everyone was valuable." - Divorced female 30-39
  • "Informative and also made very good use of my Friday evening" - Single male 30-39
  • "It's safe. It was a pleasure to hold intimate eye contact + frank talk with men." - Single female 30-39
  • "Real talk!! Engaging activity." - Single male, 22-29
FOR NOVEMBER: We came up with a great theme at the last event
DESIGNING AN OWNER'S MANUAL for Success with the Opposite Sex.

Your car comes with an owner's manual. This manual is supplied with each new vehicle and explains how various features of the vehicle operate. It also contains useful information on driving tips, and specifications of the vehicle. But unlike your car, you are more like your computer. You need to update and upgrade both your hardware and software, let's say, after each relationship or change in relationship (moving from being single to being engaged or married to being divorced).

I am considering making this OWNER'S MANUAL a ongoing and required activity for participating in SUCCESS with the OPPOSITE SEX: GET RELATED not DATED(TM). November's event is the beta test for it's design so come on out and play!

When I think of an owner's manual, my CEO gene thinks of Warren Buffet's Owner's Manual

Buffet writes:
These pages are aimed at explaining our broad principles of operation, not at giving you detail about Berkshire's many businesses.... At the time of the Blue Chip merger in 1983, I set down 13 owner-related business principles that I thought would help new shareholders understand our managerial approach. As is appropriate for "principles," all 13 remain alive and well today, and they are stated here in italics. A few words have been changed to bring them up-to-date and to each I've added a short commentary.

1. Although our form is corporate, our attitude is partnership.
From this brief excerpt, you may get a sense of the power of having an owner's manual.
That's what's I have in store for us on November 2nd in Brooklyn.

TED Talks>> Dan Gilbert: Why are we happy? Why aren't we happy?

As CEO, I am now launching other meetups (join the franchise) in other cities. I partner with a host/trainee to set up a series in your own home and coach you over a ten week series to facilitate this on your own. The potential to earn additional income and facilitate growth, development and leadership in black communities for the social well-being of men and women is what's at stake and available.

If you're interested in starting a group in another city or location, call me at 646 831 0615.

Thanks and see you next month at SUCCESS with the OPPOSITE SEX: GET RELATED not DATED (TM).

Join the meetup group in NYC at:

GET RELATED not DATED BLOG INQUIRY: I want to hear your thoughts on this

If each man and woman set down the broad and key principles for operating at peak performance in relationships, what might that provide not only for your partners but more importantly for you?

1 comment:

Kyra D. Gaunt, Ph.D. said...

I'm always amazed at what people spontaneously share that if it weren't for these events others wouldn't know about.

Last night Oct 5th, Robin shared that she practices romance with her three kids every Sunday night. On Sundays they get dressed up, get formal. Her three kids are aged 8 to 15. Her son wears a suit and tie and her daughters wear dresses. They use the fine china and cloth napkins with dinner by candlelight and then Robin, who is divorced, leads them in semi-adult conversations.

I thought that was just the BEST idea for a family of any kind to educate your children. I think the same could be said of getting your friends together. Practice romance for NO REASON!

Also another great moment was when Nana shared that she is so unfamiliar with sharing with men in eye to eye intimate conversations. Instead all her conversations are...and this was a great new word...ESTROGENICAL -- with all her sister girlfriends. LOL