Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm back...Success with the Opposite Sex is in Transition

My last post was Valentine's Day. Lots has happened since then. The Black Singles Party was good. Saw once again how black men and women are practically scared of being together. We need to develop ourselves in a new set of "social skills." How do you give up worrying about being rejected or just hanging with the same sex at an outing with an intention for you meeting people of the opposite sex?

Since then I have taken on coaching a 6 month leadership training program on Friday nights. So Success with the Opposite is being revamped for the upcoming Spring time. Be on the look out as I design something new for the future that really inspires me and has others inspired to participate in new and revealing ways. The possibility of being vulnerable, open and willing to win at love is the commitment.

I'm looking for folks to contribute to the blog. Any writers out there interested?? Email me!

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