Thursday, June 19, 2008

Going On: After Heartbreak

About 7 weeks ago I thought I had the most incredible connection I'd ever had on a date. Witty, intellectual, sexy, gentleman from Jamaica. Long and short of it, he disappeared after the 2nd date despite communication to the contrary--I wouldn't have pegged him as the type to simply up and disappear. Something hooked him and he was unwilling to share what happened.

So 7 weeks later I want to listen to "Who's Gonna Save My Soul" by Gnarls Barkley over and over again. I got the blues. I'm offended and disappointed. I tried to be strong about it 6 weeks ago. Hey I am a beautiful woman. I tried to convince myself---be strong in my view of it all. If he do this, it's probably for the best.

Downloaded an old Cee-lo CD. Soul singing heals all wounds. Then discovered this video "Going On". Instead of loading the former video, this is more appropriate. And it's set in Jamaica.

During the first two years of Success with the Opposite Sex I learned from the men in the group (kind of like the "He ain't that into you" vein) that we women always want to hear them tell us WHY it ain't working. A brother in the group, sort of macho, old-fashioned but bookwarm type gave it to us straight: If he ain't calling, that IS the message. Why do you need to hear it again?

So I'm going on!

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