Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Premiere Last Night: CNN Black in America with Soledad O'Brien

My colleague, the wonderful Cuban sociologist Ted Henken at Baruch College, got me and another wonderful colleague Johanna Fernandez (writing about Mumia these days) into to the special premeire of the series CNN Presents: BLACK IN AMERICA with Soledad O'Brien. Thanks Ted!!

I was struck by the SEGREGATION of the two reports: 1) The Black Woman & Family and 2) The Black Man. This is exactly why have this blog and host SUCCESS with the OPPOSITE SEX: GET RELATED not DATED. We need to get related to the facts and the realities of the ongoing SEGREGATION of the sexes in our communities and more importantly the representations of us as separate and not equal. Daddies and daughters: stop resisting being with one another. Fathers and Single Mothers: be accountable and respectful for what kinds of relationships we are creating for young people and teens not to mention TV and the world.
"The Black Woman & Family," investigates the disturbing statistics of single parenthood, racial disparities in education and HIV/AIDS as well as the progress of black women in the workplace and the status of the black middle class. Premieres in HDTV on Wednesday, July 23, 9 p.m. ET.

"The Black Man," explores black men and fatherhood; educational, career and financial achievement; black male incarceration and the achievements of black men and the importance of black fathers. Premieres in HDTV on Thursday, July 24, 9 p.m. ET
I didn't take pictures but met this lovely African sister. She asked a daring question after the 30 mins clip they shared with us. All the pics here are hers. She asked if Africans were featured in any way in this. Soledad said no. AIDS/HIV is focused exclusively on heterosexual experiences. Ms. Africa (Africa is her nickname) commented on the parallels happening with AIDS in Africa and here. That is truly a missing but it also is an opportunity to talk about it on the blogosphere as these special reports air next week.

This was an OCCASION for me. I really had to remind myself I belonged there. I am a prize-winning author and well-recognized college professor in my field and I know it seems insecure (I am sometimes) but it was a delight to have Michael Eric Dyson hug the hell out of me at the scene (we haven't seen each other for YEARS but I am featured in a book he is publishing about Nas coming out in Jan 09).

HIGHLIGHT: I met Cicely Tyson last night and was able to share my CD with her. She was extraordinarily gracious and loving. I told her SOUNDER (1972) changed my life as a child. I also gave Soledad a CD as well as Michael. BE THE TRUE REVOLUTION, baby!

What was missing for me that I would love to see more regularly with these kinds of event? An old fashion church-style introduction or new school "Who's in the house" roll call acknowledging all who came and letting all know who they can network with at the reception (not just Gayle or Cornell). It seems we have to watch TV, look good but never touch each other and get to know the real-world resources of networking in person in NYC.

Someone said they are tired of how the black community avoids education and she had decided to work with the young ones. We cannot afford to leave ANY one behind simply because they are resigned NOT UNLIKE the woman herself who made those comments about what's possible for black men, women and children today. AND we must begin to network THROUGHOUT the African diaspora here in the US and NYC in particular and even more abroad.

Rather conservative at first glance but I intend to watch the series online. Don't have cable. This segment on the website called "I AM" is much more avant-garde and distinctive. And it's social media and you know I LOVE social media and networking.

'It's one of the best kept secrets' 2:03
Take a good look at Marvin Perkins. You'll never guess what group he joined and why.
Special Reports - Black in America

My Father's Secret 2:20
Bliss Broyard discovered something about her father that not only changed how she saw him - it changed everything she knew about herself.
Special Reports - Black in America
Bliss Broyard Site


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