Friday, July 25, 2008

Women in Hip-Hop

Hey my post yesterday was a little lame to me because I wasn't even featured as much as I thought. Watched the video after the post. Was in a hurry. Impeccability was missing-LOL.

OK so today I ran across this nice short video on women in hip-hop with a variety of sisters speaking. I clearly am not doing my own good PR cuz what I have to say about women in hip-hop is so different. We are not taking responsibility for the context of our victimhood. As musicians and dancers, we continue to let male artists in hip-hop act like they are the music. Women's dance is driving not only the music but the beats that are being created. One sister in the video is right, you pay for white titties but you get black ass for free. What makes us think so low of ourselves that we continue to not only perpetuate it but let it thrive among young black women.

I was at the premiere, I mentioned last week, for the CNN report BLACK in AMERICA. Soledad O'Brien made a really provocative comment when someone complained about the Obama cover last week on the New Yorker. She said a few things. One was if white children were dropping out of high school at 505 rate, white mothers would be insisting on Congressional hearings. I assert we women who are mothers, sisters who get the cat calls, and more are not devoid of doing this, but we are trapped in the conversation that no one REALLY listens to us, pays for us, honors us. When we get to the source of that...change gon' come!

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