Monday, January 14, 2008

What About Our Daughters Blog Reports "Video of Protest Outside BET disHonors"

Finally, some footage of black folks protesting the quality of broadcasting on networks devoted to black people. Get your sh*t together BET. We ain't just protesting on the Mall any more. This video was taken outside the BET HONORS taping. The protest was led by a Maryland female pastor (shout out to my homies in Maryland where I'm from!). All this was reported in a Washington post article

The blog also points to a story featured on 60 Minutes called THE WAR ON WOMEN about rape as a norm of war, as a form of social terrorism. It is a must see. Black women are more and more the victims of all kinds of crimes and misogyny. Check out what's going on in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. More genocide has taken place there than even Darfur.

Also if you're interested in learning more about BLOGGING there is a conference coming up in JULY called BLOGGING WHILE BROWN you should check out.

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