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What is Sensuality? Can you handle it?

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Sensuality: The state or quality of being sensual.
1. Relating to the body and the senses, as distinguished from the intellect or spirit.
2. Denoting bodily or sensory pleasure, not necessarily sexual.
Origin: L. Sensualis, endowed with feeling

I took this Sensuality test online and scored high. What does that really mean to me or for men out there who might be reading and want to ask "Boy, the Kyra woman is one hot sensual being! How can I be down?" LOL

About Sensuality

Sensuality is an acute awareness of what the senses perceive. This preoccupation or devotion to that which is smelled, felt, touched, heard, tasted, and seen has some bearing on how one experiences life. Studies have shown that people who are exceptionally sensual live for the moment and are not hung up on the future or the past. What is presently going on is enough to captures the sensual individual's full attention. This is an excellent recipe for happiness. Sensual people enjoy experience itself, basking in actual acts rather than rushing through them to get at some possible or imaginary end. In sum, sensual persons take advantage of what life has to offer, living everyday as if it were their last.

Results of the Sensuality Test

Sensuality Index
Your score = 82 Your score

What does your score mean?

You are one sensual human being! Yours is a hedonistic attitude, and you deeply enjoy the sensual pleasures that life has to offer. Your senses are also inextricably linked to your emotions and certain sensual stimuli can evoke strong feelings. Therefore you tend to be emotionally passionate. Because you get so much pleasure from your senses, you are eager to experiment in life. This is positive since you can make great discoveries and experience a lot of pleasure. It is important, however, to keep yourself in check since people who delight is sensual pleasures are at a slightly increased risk for addictions (substance, sex, love, etc.). All in all, you have the innate ability to use your senses to enjoy what this life has to offer!

These online tests can be entertaining but we take them while we are alone online, tapping away at the keyboard (fast or slow depending on your digits'/finger's dexterity) and what does knowing this tell you and do it really matter when you're staring a person of the opposite sex in the eye worried about this or that concern?

The event in February is not simply, if at all, about pleasing others. It's about allowing yourself to say what YOU really want in relationship with another. It takes practice. You might be like me. I have been noticing how I avoid saying what I really want out of and in a relationship much less when asking for a back massage. If you don't have much experience successfully getting what you want from communication from the first date or in being a newlywed, where can you get experience without getting hurt or hurting others? Try coming to SUCCESS with the OPPOSITE SEX: GET RELATED not DATED (TM). Put you left hand in, put your left hand out and shake it all about...YEAH Sensuality awakened!...that's what it's all about.

We use our senses all day long but most of the time we are completely unaware of it and our sensitivity to things that could be sensed is turned off so we can deal with other things (deciphering and translating communication both verbal and physical), walking to and fro, watching where we are going and coming from, paying attention to urgent needs but that doesn't mean we are really paying close attention to the senses of seeing, feeling, touching, tasting, hearing, and your overall being-ness. We don't experience anything at all about it until we really focus on it and we almost leave it to the few times many of us actually experience sexual pleasure. You may not be at all in touch with your senses other than that they are there if you're not sexually active other than the occasional moments of freshly baking food or offensive locker room odors as far as smell is concerned.

At the February event about seven men and women will explore activating their senses through some of our primary senses. I made a list of senses that exploded the idea that there are five main senses:

  • seeing and not seeing,
  • watching and not watching
  • glancing and not glancing
  • staring and not staring
  • touching and not touching,
  • feeling and not feeling,
  • rubbing and not rubbing,
  • pulling and pushing
  • tasting and not tasting,
  • hearing and not hearing.
  • listening and not listening
  • listening and not hearing
  • hearing and not listening
  • smelling and not smelling
  • sniffing not sniffing
  • breathing (which activates the sense of feeling, hearing, tasting and perhaps more)
What are your sensory threshholds? The minimum amount of stimulus energy necessary to elicit a sensory response. Psychology Today said: "Sensuality is, in essence, how in tune you are with your senses. Do you notice smells, textures, sounds? How sensual you are plays a key role not only in your sex life but in your overall ability to derive pleasure from life as a whole."

So join us as black men and women get at the essence of what activates their senses, sharing past experiences and creating possibilities for new ones.

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