Tuesday, June 10, 2008

BAF: "Be a Father" Event (June 2, 2008)

AkilaWorksongs and Kevin Powell and others produced an anthology called BE A FATHER.

During the event rapper Rhymefest came to the floor with his 9-year old son Solomon for an unrehearsed Q&A. He asked Solomon to write down 5 questions that he would like answered that he had never asked before. I never had God until you came into my life responded Rhymefest to one of the questions. It's a must listen! Really excellent father-son dialogue. The audio is from Davey D's website. Rhymefest also says something profound "They asked me to freestyle...rappin' ain't always appropriate...we expect rappers to rap too much...[instead] of being leaders."

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The book is in your local bookstore NOW and online at amazon.com, barnesandboble.com, booksense.com

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