Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's Women's Choices for Jobs Not Employer Discrimination that Affects her Pay

Gender Bias and Income Disparity: A Myth?
Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Thomas Sowell argues that economic differences between working men and women are not generally due to employer discrimination, as is widely alleged. In this video he discusses his new book Economic Facts and Fallacies in which Sowell exposes some of the most popular fallacies about economic issues.

He argues since 1969, the variable of women who have never married or are tenured single female faculty, has contributed to disparities in pay between men. He argues women have chosen professions which allow them to have the leaway to take parental leave. He says being a computer analyst doesn't work. No one would let you off for parental leave for 5 years to have babies. This is absurd. So it's not discrimination about those of the human race who bear children. It's not the context that those positions discriminate about a woman's need for leave even if she is highly qualified for the position. It's that women choose to be librarians instead. Hmm. Ask Sarah Palin about that one.

Former Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers begs to differ with Sowell's line of thinking. In this clip she argues that if Barack Obama had the same resume and had been a female candidate, in the past, she would have been mocked out of the race. When I first heard this kind of criticism, perhaps it was what Geraldine Ferraro poorly attempted to argue, I didn't buy it. But Myers sells me on it because she's making an argument for the notion, which I have always argued, that race trumps gender and in the case of the Democratic nomination, Obama's masculinity actually trumped Hilary's gender. I like the way Myers makes the point much better than Ferraro. Ultimately, not being a white male is a deficit to constantly overcome for the rest of the population in the case of politics and practically all public sphere domains. Even the public library.

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